At Capital Title, we value our customers. We aim to acheive 100% satisfaction. Below are some of our client testimonials.

I've been closing two properties with two different title companies recently. The difference in terms of the level of service and professionalism is quite striking. You've done such a better job compared to the other company. It's night and day! Just want to let you know that I did see the difference as a client and really appreciate what you've done. I'll definitely go with your team the next time I sell a house in Austin.

Chuck Ma
John Horton Realty

My most valuable resource… MY Capital Title TEAM! Thank you for the wonderful class today and the tasty lunch. Ellen my friend you are so calm, collective and a great presenter… thank you for sharing your knowledge and your time. Our TEAM is excited about the next class...

Thank you all again, John and I were so proud of my TEAM today… job well done!

Susan Horton
John Horton Realty

You know, I'll bet your eyes are crossing and glazing over – you've been there now for 12 hours or more, right? Who is your supervisor – I want to email them about your attitude and work ethic. You stayed on top of this deal from the very beginning, trying to avoid just what ended up happening. Despite that, I have sensed no resentment or complaint in your emails – just still a "let's get this done" attitude. So, here it is, nearly 8:00 pm, and you are still working on this deal. I wish ALL title closers had your attitude – and, believe me, most don't.

Be glad you have Judy Mills - she is definitely a great asset to your company.

Michael Ray
Guild Mortgage Company

Not sure if any of you have a "go to" title company in Texas for refis, but I'm closing my 3rd one with Capital Title and they are AMAZING.

They got figures last minute (not our closer's fault) – they got us a HUD – they did everything in record time. And on a Texas deal – that is impressive...most title companies in TX are HORRIBLE to work with and everything is a 48 hour turn time – 24 at best. Sandy and Jennifer were helping with changes last night at 9pm and back at it before 9am today for an afternoon closing...hopefully they can help you close another in the future.

Vince Kruse
USA Mortgage

Capital Title is the best and you two ladies (Shelley Hill & Suzi Bobbitt) made this experience so nice...thanks so much!

Carol, Agnes, & Cindy

I was delighted to have Aimee and Patty Mendez working to make the close this week probably the smoothest transaction I have been a part of even with the few challenges that they worked through almost entirely transparent to me. My wife and I are very happy with your service and wanted to point out the outstanding service provided by Aimee.

John Dubois

Joy is very professional upbeat and informative. Joy explains the closing process clear and concise...we all like the fact that Joy does not rush through a closing just to get through it! Joy is sincere in her approach to good business!

Jim Bartley
The Stacy Group

As Owners / Broker / Realtors of Pfau & Company, Inc., C.J. and I are committed to providing our client's exceptional realty service, and one of the most important pieces of any transaction is the role of the title company and especially the escrow officer. Kay Milligan has handled our title work for nearly a decade and we insist on using her. Kay's professional skills and honest communication make all parties at ease even during the most stressful times of buying or selling.

Jon Pfau
Pfau & Company, Inc.

Joy lives up to her wonderful name. Joy is a joy! She is never defensive and will do cart wheels to provide a fun and successful closing experience. She is a good listener and has a very calming effect on customers who are in a stressful moving situation. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Pokey Delwaide
ERA Colonial Real Estate