Viktoriya Kuznetsova was born in Minsk, Belarus and moved to Texas where she has resided with her family since 1994.Viktoriya speaks fluent Russian and finds it most beneficial when communicating with her parents. Family is the foundation to which Viktoriya found her pathway to success in creating meaningful relationships. Her father has been such a mentor to her & her brother Daniel, 12 years younger and is one of her favorite people to spend time with. When she is not at work, Viktoriya enjoys cooking, spending time with her family, friends, movies and going to events.

Viktorya attended Southern Methodist University where she got a double major in Corporate Communications and Advertising. Viktoriya has previous experience in the Public Relations industry. She has the ability to build highly valuable relationships & connect with diverse groups of people creating everlasting partnerships. Her work ethic is proven by her ability to deliver the strongest possible value for clients and in making sure that the company's ideals are always at the forefront.

Viktoriya is eager to be an impactful part of your business and a partner in your success.