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What our clients Say

At Capital Title, we value our customers. We aim to acheive 100% satisfaction. Below are some of our client testimonials.

Stan Graff, L.J. Erickson, Dan Tomlin Jr., and David Little

Chuck Ma

John Horton Realty

I've been closing two properties with two different title companies recently. The difference in terms of the level of service and professionalism is quite striking. You've done such a better job compared to the other company. It's night and day! Just want to let you know that I did see the difference as a client and really appreciate what you've done. I'll definitely go with your team the next time I sell a house in Austin.

Susan Horton

John Horton Realty

My most valuable resource… MY Capital Title TEAM! Thank you for the wonderful class today and the tasty lunch. Ellen my friend you are so calm, collective and a great presenter… thank you for sharing your knowledge and your time. Our TEAM is excited about the next class... Thank you all again, John and I were so proud of my TEAM today… job well done!

Vince Kruse

USA Mortgage

Not sure if any of you have a "go to" title company in Texas for refis, but I'm closing my 3rd one with Capital Title and they are AMAZING. They got figures last minute (not our closer's fault) – they got us a HUD – they did everything in record time. And on a Texas deal – that is impressive...most title companies in TX are HORRIBLE to work with and everything is a 48 hour turn time – 24 at best. Sandy and Jennifer were helping with changes last night at 9pm and back at it before 9am today for an afternoon closing...hopefully they can help you close another in the future.

Carol, Agnes, & Cindy

Capital Title is the best and you two ladies (Shelley Hill & Suzi Bobbitt) made this experience so nice...thanks so much!

Jon Pfau

Pfau & Company, Inc.

As Owners / Broker / Realtors of Pfau & Company, Inc., C.J. and I are committed to providing our client's exceptional realty service, and one of the most important pieces of any transaction is the role of the title company and especially the escrow officer. Kay Milligan has handled our title work for nearly a decade and we insist on using her. Kay's professional skills and honest communication make all parties at ease even during the most stressful times of buying or selling.

Jules Caplan

Magic Realty, Austin, TX

Dear Kylee,  I thank you for handling this super-rushed, complicated and difficult closing, so efficiently, and so quickly, while being thorough and complete in your review and execution of all the moving parts! There was a bundle of curative issues; frankly, I don't know how you did it. Being diverted from its path to foreclosure late Friday, after 4:30 pm, and near the close of business, you went far beyond what is ever expected, working after hours and over the weekend. Please thank your underwriter and your team for their excellence. I know the borrower is ecstatic that you were able to accommodate them.

Jules Caplan

Magic Realty, Austin, TX

Dear Kelly, Thank you for the courtesy close today, with NO notice, and for being so charming, personable, and accommodating with the distressed company. Much appreciated.

Jules Caplan

Magic Realty, Austin, TX

Dear Bill,  I wanted to include you in this Thank You note so that you will know of my sincere appreciation of your team, par excellence. Beautifully and expediently executed underwriting, funding and closing. Thank you all. Sincerely, Jules Caplan

Breanna W.

Capital Title

I wanted to extend my gratitude to you for not only the bonus we received but for the opportunity to work for such an amazing company. I have never worked for a company that values its employees as much as Capital Title does. I look forward to the future of growing and learning within your company and hope for many more years with Capital Title. Thank you again for creating such an amazing work environment; it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Have a fabulous day!