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Capital Title’s CE Training Courses

Capital Title is here to help you with your educational needs and staying up-to-date with industry standards.

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How to Beat Zillow

Course #34771

So we all know that the online real estate market is largely dominated by huge names like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin….etc. It can seem a bit daunting to start marketing against these giants. In this class you will learn how to stop our leads from being taken by these giants and get the tools to start your own local real estate empire.

Residential TREC Contracts 101

Course #35434

This course provides an understanding of the provisions and intent of the TREC promulgated contracts and addendums. Ensuring the agents can effectively use the contracts and addendums for their clients.

Understanding Your Survey and T47

Course #35437

The survey seminar contains material covering the specifics of a land title survey. It goes through the steps involved in producing the survey: we discuss who needs a survey and what to look for on the survey. Learn how to complete a T47 affidavit and how to answer the questions on the contract regarding the survey and standard printed exceptions. Get a detailed description of a T19 and T19.1 endorsement to your policy.

Closing Pitfalls

Course #35438

In this workshop we will address the major reasons that contracts fall through and prescribe solutions to help increase the probability of a smooth transaction. Learn how to ask the right questions to detect
title deflects in advance. RED FLAGS to look for. This class will also explain all of the various legal instruments that are used during the closing process.

Life of an Escrow

Course #35439

In this class, agents will get a complete understanding of the Escrow Process from Contract to Close. Participants will learn what Title Insurance is and how it relates to the closing process. We will go over what documents are required when opening title and why they are needed. This course will show you how to read a Title Commitment, Tax Certificate, Survey, Closing Disclosure statement and much more.

How to Review Your Title Commitment

Course #35441

This class will provide you with a detailed explanation of what is a Title Commitment and how to read Schedules A, B and C. We will cover how to read tax certificate and go over the different type of exemptions that will be listed on the subject property. You will learn how to ask questions on a listing appointment to identify what potential lien, judgements and other curative issues that can appear on a Title Commitment.

Time Management: Controlling Your Time

Course #35433

This workshop will review some strategies that you can immediately implement to make your work days as productive as possible. This enables you to enjoy more success, more income and more of your personal time. We will cover time wasters, tips for structuring your day and balancing home and family responsibilities.

Top 20 Marketing Ideas

Course #35469

This session we will review 20 proven strategies for finding more clients without breaking the bank by buying leads, billboards or doing an expensive direct mail campaign. We will give 20 ideas to help you build your pipeline NOW!

Closing Statement for Your Real Estate Transactions

Course #35440

This class will provide you with the necessary knowledge needed to create estimated closing costs for your buyers and sellers. You will learn how to read a HUD, Closing Disclosure Form and an ALTA Settlement Statement. A detailed explanation of all closing cost will be explained, and you will learn what questions to ask during the closing process.

Turbocharge Your Business

Course #35443

This course helps real estate agents develop a system to maximize their business results over the next 90 days and beyond with minimal cost. We will go through the 7 actions steps needed to turbocharge your business. We will show the real estate agents how to build, organize and manage an effective database. Agents will learn how social media can help increase their business and find ways to bring value to their client though email, mail and face to face appointments.

The Social Network Machine

Course #35444

The use of social media has become commonplace in today’s real estate industry. This course shows licensees how to best leverage the most popular social media platforms to generate more leads. By the end of this course, licensees will have a better understanding of how to properly create and build their social media presence.

Growing Your Farm Area – Instant Inventory

Course #35442

During this presentation you will learn how to create a solid foundation and marketing plan for working a geographic farm area. You will receive exciting marketing ideas and programs to help you become the local marketing expert.

Branding You and Your Business

Course #35468

During this workshop we will learn how to create and leverage a great personal brand which will drive your sales. A brand is an impression – What are you customer’s saying about you?

Getting Your Listing Sold in 60 Days

Course #35436

Stuck with Listings you can’t move? This information-packed workshop is designed to get listings sold and put money in your pocket. You will learn strategies to market your listings to a broader audience. Find out how to create rational expectations for sellers. Uncover the simple secrets that prevent buyers from visiting your listings. Learn the 3 P’s for getting your listing sold.

Working with Generational Differences

Course #35470

This course is designed to explain what the different generations may be looking for in a home purchase, how to communicate and sell to each generation.

Legal Update II

Course #33198

This course provide information concerning recent updates and changes to laws, regulations, legal definitions, ethics of practice and forms as they apply to real estate in Texas.

Navigating the TREC Residential Contract 30+ Exit Strategies

Course #36110

A white glove approach to navigating the finer details of the TREC 1-4 Family Contract and related Addenda. We will discuss various provisions, many of which lead to one or more of the 30+ ways for a party to exit the contract.

Keep Clients for Life

Course #34763

In this class you will learn techniques for easy, fun and inexpensive ways to stay connected with previous and prospective clients.

Take Your Negotiations to the Next Level

Course #34764

Negotiation skills are often minimized or overlooked completely in training and coaching programs for real estate professionals. Yet negotiating is a dominant facet of a successful practitioner’s business. In this class learn a few negotiation strategies that can put your far ahead of most of your competition and can help navigate those times when you’re up against an unmotivated seller, a savvy buyer or a headstrong contractor.

What the Hashtag?

Course #34765

In this class our Realtors will learn how to use one of the most popular social media strategies on the market today to better reach potential clients and acquire more views on listings through directing people to your marketing through use of hashtags.

YouTube and You

Course #34766

YouTube is one of the hidden gems in online marketing. It is a terrific way for small business owners to compete with the big brands. In this class you will learn how to create effective content and promote your real estate business on this social media platform.

Oh Snap! Snapchat for Realtors

Course #34767

Real estate is very visual. Videos and photos are everything, and that’s exactly what Snapchat is all about. In this class Realtors will learn how to use Snapchat to tell stories, educate people about real estate and smart technology, as well as to highlight specific homes in their area. Even more valuable than snapping listings, Snapchat will show that they are authentic, unrehearsed and real.

Fantastic Facebook Ads

Course #34768

Curious how to grow your real estate business on Facebook? This course is designed to share the difference between boost and ad pricing with the steps to create a successful ad.

Get Creative with Canva

Course #34770

The prospect of marketing your business can be overwhelming, especially when you are a small business with an even smaller budget. The good news is that marketing doesn’t have to cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars. In this class you will learn how to use Canva, a free graphic design tool that has tons of easy-to-use features and functionality allowing you to create a variety of engaging content that gets shared and gets you noticed.

Crafting the Perfect Elevator Speech

Course #34888

In this class you will learn tips for creating the best first impression when marketing your business to new clients and co-workers.

Fraud 101: How to Keep You and Your Clients Safe

Course #34889

How to Keep You and Your Clients Safe – In this class you will learn ways to protect yourself and your clients from fraud in our real estate market. Learn the necessary steps to help recognize and prevent fraud.

Become a Video Maestro

Course #32915

Videos are one of the most successful and underused marketing strategies in today’s market. In this class we will give real estate agents the tools and knowledge to successfully utilize video marketing to help sell listings, attract future clients and increase SEO.

Fuel Your Facebook Page

Course #34891

In this class you will learn how to take your Facebook Business page to the next level with canvas ads, full width ads, getting control over ad placement, optimizing who sees your posts and much more.

Converting FSBO to a Listing

Course #34953

Homeowner’s who choose to sell their properties without the help of a real estate professional are missing out. Learn tips that will help you get appointments with a For Sale By Owner and demonstrate your expertise while avoiding a hard sell.

Vital Things to Know Before Contract Execution

Course #33901

Understanding the most common mistakes when executing a TREC 1-4 Residential Contract.

Legal Update I

Course #33197

This course provide information concerning recent updates and changes to laws, regulations, legal definitions, ethics of practice and forms as they apply to real estate in Texas.

Effective Strategies for Open Houses

Course #35435

Hosting an open house is one of the most cost-effective strategies an agent can use to expand their network and find additional buyers and sellers if it is done correctly. This workshop gives your ideas on how to schedule, plan and effectively market a successful open house. We will give you ideas on how to provide your listings with property on their homes and how to work estimated figures for your clients.

What the F.I.R.P.T.A?!?

Course #36279

In this class we will discuss the IRS Code and Paragraph 20 in the TREC Contracts that addresses remittances, non-foreign certifications, etc. When a Seller’s tax status is qualified as a “Foreign Person”. Additionally, we discuss ways to address FIRPTA while avoiding certain liability in any discriminatory practices or through tax advice.

Understanding the Farm and Ranch Contract

Course #36280

In this class we will explore the TREC Farm and Ranch Contract. We will discuss when/why to use the Farm and Ranch contract as well as highlight the specific features of this contract form vs others.